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Hello! I'm Jaxinto, a Mexican illustrator and graphic designer with a deep passion for comics. My art focuses on the romantic and erotic aspects of the gay community, an essential part of my identity and roots as an "80s lost and found kid." I love blending nostalgia with modern styles in my creations.

My artwork delves into the beauty of love and eroticism between men, capturing the essence of these intimate moments. Through my illustrations, I aim to celebrate the depth and variety of emotions in gay relationships, offering a window into this vibrant aspect of life.

Gay Erotic Art by Jaxinto Art

I've contributed to exciting projects like "Bogoss Book Vol.3" and have been featured in New York's "Beef Cake Magazine," where my art has gained recognition.

My latest project, "Sea Men," is a coloring book that invites you on an artistic journey through a mystical world of mermen and mariners.

Join me on this journey to explore and celebrate the beauty of love and desire between men, unbound by traditional constraints.

Gay Erotic Art by Jaxinto Art

I'm excited to announce my feature in "Beef Cake Gay Bear Magazine" from New York. In the 7th issue, Cesar Vianna explores my artistic journey in "The Artist Spotlight". Delving into my influences and self-expression, this piece in Beefcake Magazine is a must-read for anyone interested in the transformative power of art. Don't miss it – download your free copy to explore my colorful and emotive artistry.

Jaxinto: Spotlight in Beefcake Magazine

Gay Erotic Art by Jaxinto Art

I am proud to have contributed to "Bogoss Book Vol. 3", a hardcover collection featuring 88 artists in an artistic celebration of masculinity in the LGBT world. My work joins a diverse array of styles, from realism to comic, portraying men in a respectful and appealing manner.

Celebrating Diversity: My Contribution to Bogoss Book Vol. 3


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Gay Erotic Art by Jaxinto Art
Gay Erotic Art by Jaxinto Art


Gay Erotic Art by Jaxinto Art
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